Posted: 11 months ago

Georgian Winegrowers Earn GEL 45 Million During Vintage 2021

Winegrowers in Kakheti Region have already picked 47,000 tons of grapes, up 600% compared to the same period of 2020. According to the National Wine Agency, over 4,100 winegrowers have sold grapes as part of the 2021 vintage and earned GEL 45million.

Storing hailed grapes in Kakheti Region will be finished on September 6. Winemaking companies have already processed approximately 15,000 tons of hailed grapes after August 26. As reported, on August 26 heavy hail and windstorm damaged vineyards on 4,600 hectares in Telavi and Kvareli Municipalities, while vineyards of 180 hectares were damaged in Kvareli and Telavi Districts on September 2.

According to the Government’s decision, the farmers whose vineyards were annihilated by 100% will receive a compensation of GEL 3,000 per hectare. Winegrowers are selling 1 kg of hailed Rkatsiteli for GEL 0.80 and 1 kg of Saperavi for GEL 1.