Georgia Comes 17th in the World’s Wine Exports Rating

In 2019, Georgia ranked 17th in the world’s wine export.

Five Georgian Wines that Won Sommeliers Choice Awards 2021

Five Georgian wines have won an international award. Namely, four wine varieties of Askaneli Brothers company have won Sommeliers Choice Awards 2021

International Audit Companies Involve in Monitoring the Quality of Georgian Export Wine

One of the main goals of the National Wine Agency is to promote the high quality of Georgian wine. The agency is actively working to ensure that tens of millions of bottles of Georgian wine are produced to meet the international standards.

Georgia’s Incomes from January-May Wine Exports Mark $82 Million

Incomes from the export of wines, brandy, Chacha, Brandy spirits, and other strong drinks exceeded $130 million in January-May 2021.

Winemaking Companies Entitled not to Buy Grapes from Winegrowers without Cadastre Extracts

During the 2021 vintage, winegrowers who do not submit extracts from the vineyard cadastres will not be able to sell grapes to winemaking companies.

Hereti Global Plans to Export Chacha to the United States after Georgian Wine

Founded by Georgian partners living in the United States, Hereti Global will start exporting Georgian Chacha in September, along with increasing Georgian wine exports to the US market.

Liber Pater’s Wine in Georgia - Joint Plans by Askaneli Brothers and Loic Pasquet

French winemaker Loic Pasquet, owner of French wine company Liber Pater plans to arrange vineyards in Georgia by use of modern technologies and management techniques in order to produce new high-quality unique wines.

Volumetric Alcohol Content of Kakhetian Wine Determined By 10.5%

Today, at the government session, amendments to the technical regulations "On the general rules of wine production and the list of permitted processes, materials and substances" were adopted.

Sparkling Wine Exports Exceed Pre-Pandemic Indicators; Sparkling Wines Exports Markets

Sparkling wine exports from Georgia have exceeded the pre-pandemic indicators.