Posted: 7 months ago

Georgia Wins European Commission International Award for Cultural Routes for the First Time

In Italy, on October 23, 2021, at the competition of cultural routes held by the Council of Europe, the wine company "Shumi" won the international title "Best Archaeobotanical Practice in Wine Tourism". This recognition is especially important for the promotion of Georgia and Georgian viticulture and winemaking on the world market.

The International Award was established by the two cultural routes of the Council of Europe - "Iter Vitis - Phoenicians route", which aims to strengthen the cultural and oenological heritage in the member countries of the two international networks, to promote and support the development of experience, creative and sustainable tourism.

The Council of Europe's Cultural Routes Program was established in 1987 to show the contribution of different European countries to the common cultural heritage through time and space travel and to promote the diversity of today's Europe, the sustainable development of cultural tourism.

Wine company "Shumi" was founded in 1997 in Kakheti, Tsinandali. The tourist complex is located on 9 hectares and borders on Alexander Chavchavadze National Park. The complex includes 38 tourist locations, among which is a collection vineyard, where more than 1300 varieties of vines are preserved, including endangered Georgian vines.