Posted: 11 months ago

58 Thousand Tons of Grapes Processed in Kakheti As of Today

Today, up to 58 thousand tons of grapes have been processed in Kakheti, which is almost 4 times more than the same period last year - as of September 9, 2020, up to 15 thousand tons of grapes were processed in Kakheti.

Vintage 2021 The crop was handed over to wineries by more than 5,000 growers, their income reaches 50 million GEL.

34.2 thousand tons of processed grapes are Rkatsiteli, more than 18 thousand tons are Saperavi, up to 2 thousand tons are Kakhetian green and the rest are different grapes.

About 250 wine companies and wineries are currently registered in the Vintage Coordination Headquarters, which will be gradually involved in the grape production-processing process. About 90 companies have already processed different volumes of grapes.

According to the decision of the Government of Georgia, a subsidy program will be implemented to support the 2021 vintage. The aim of the program is not to negatively affect the situation caused by the pandemic to viticultural farmers and wine producers, to fully accommodate the grape harvest. Within the framework of the vintage 2021, the subsidy will be given to all the companies that will buy and process at least 100 tons of Rkatsiteli or Kakhetian green grapes grown in Kakheti region and pay a viticulturist at least 0.90 GEL per 1 kg of grapes.