Posted: 1 week ago

BOISA Doubles Wine Exports to Slovenia

BOISA winemaking company plans to sell 2,000 bottles of wines in Slovenia, white and red wines of Rkatsiteli and Saperavi varieties.

The average price is EUR 10-12. BOISA wines will be mainly supplied to restaurants in Slovenia. As the company founder Vladimer Boisa told Business Formula, his basketball career helps him advance his business in Slovenia. “In 2020 I exported approximately 1000 bottles. We had a good vintage in 2020 and made unique wines. Consequently, this year we plan to expand the exports. For many years I have played basketball in Slovenia and I have a good acquaintance in this country and this factor helps me advance my business

. They trust my products”, Vladimer Boisa noted. The former basketball player owns the vineyard on approximately 0.5 hectares in the village of Shalauri, Telavi Municipality. The company’s annual output is 4,000 bottles.