Posted: 3 weeks ago

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Bonds Sold at $62,895

The company issued bonds in February 2021 and 21 bonds worth $21,000 were sold through 2 deals. At this stage, the volume has grown.

At this stage, deals worth $62,895 were made on KTW bonds with a nominal value of $1.014 per share, while the value was $1.025 in the past 2 deals. The company has issued 2-year bonds worth $10 million and placed them in the GSE trading system in February 2021. The bonds were admitted to the B-category listing of GSE.

The fixed interest rate of bonds accounts for an annual 9% and the interest is paid four times a year. The bond’s maturity is December 29, 2022. The bonds hold the trading code $KTW01M.