Georgian Startup BITNET Receives Lithuanian License to Trade Digital Currencies in EU

Georgian startup Bitnet was founded a year and a half ago. During this time the company was able to attract several million dollars of investment from foreign investors and expand the team.

Startuperi Partners Up with Platform Face2Face Launching Consultation Series

The TBC Startuper program continues to support new businesses. This time, a series of individual consultations were created in collaboration with the Startuper and the platform Face2Face.

 MEDU- Medical Education Platform that Promotes Communication among Professionals

 ‘’Medicine is one of the fastest-growing and developing fields and it’s extremely important for me as a doctor to have the opportunity to receive information and share experience with colleagues quickly.''

16 Teams in the Impact Hub Program Seeking Additional Funding to Grow Their Startups

The Startup Pre-Acceleration Program was launched, which aims to develop local technology startups and increase their investment opportunities.

The first GLOBALIZE EU Conference Held in Paris

The first GLOBALIZE EU Conference took place in Paris on June 11 and successfully gathered Georgians living in the EU and Investors interested in Georgian startups. 

Ambry: We are Launching New Product for the Financial Sector, Including Banks

Ambry will offer a new finished product to the financial sector, including banks, from September.

Edison Tech Solutions Building Products Used by Millions of People

‘’That’s how we started Edison, the first of its kind in Georgia, where we were offering a full spectrum to our customers, starting from Idea consultation, Product design, PCB design, Software development, and Launch.''

Abjari - 1st Georgian Compression Wear for Combat Sport

The startup Abjari was inspired by the author's lifestyle. Valerian Datukishvili has been involved in sports, in particular, judo for years. He decided to stay in this field in some capacity after he had to leave the sport.

GITA ₾ 150,000 Grant Program Revealed 20 Winning Startups

The winning 20 startups of the 150,000 GEL co-financing grant program of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency are known: