Posted: 2 years ago

JUSTPAY – Alternative Means of Digital Payment for Businesses

Startup Justpay is an alternative digital payment method for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Startup founder and CEO Nino Saneblidze explains to "Business Partner" that Justpay allows each business to receive secure payments directly from their customers' bank cards, through a simple payment link, and in this process, they do not need either a website with e-commerce functionality or a physical POS terminal.

"After a simple registration on the web platform, the user gets access to the SAAS portal, where he chooses his partner bank or payment gateway and starts creating the desired invoice, generating the payment link there, which takes a few seconds. The payment link is the usual Internet address that we see on the web. In browsers. Rach payment is, of course, unique and it can be delivered to the client through different channels: Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, mail and most importantly it can be attached to a Facebook or Instagram post or any banner on the internet space.         

Our business model involves a 0.25% commission from each transaction. If our customer sold an item or service worth 100 GEL, our commission will be only 25 GEL. It is important that the entrepreneur does not have any kind of initial cost to start using the platform, nor does one have a monthly fee, the user pays us a commission only when upon receiving income," says Nino Saneblidze.                  

According to her, Justpay offers users the generation of direct links, which in turn allows entrepreneurs to use it as creatively as possible in the channels they want.

Justpay is already available and successfully used by various types of businesses, including restaurants, convenience stores, etc. Notably, this payment method can be integrated into social media channels, posts, ads, and text messages. Therefore, it fits effectively into any business model.