Posted: 1 year ago

New Georgian Brand ANOLA is Planning to Open a Store

Anola is a Georgian brand that offers customers silk kimonos and various types of clothes.

Ana Zurabiani, the founder of Anola, says to "Business Partner" that the brand will soon function as a store.

"So far we already have a functional online store, customers will soon have the chance to visit the store to select and try on Anola in person. I won't discuss any other plans at this time, but the client is anticipating lots of exciting information. Women are the target market for the products, and we have no plans to launch a men's line in the near future.

Our customer can be a person of any age, I try to adapt my product as much as possible to a woman of any shape, size or age. We work on the average price category. Although the brand is new, the demand is quite high and we are actively accepting orders.

The project was fully implemented with private investment. As Ana Zurabiani says, the idea of creating a brand came to her several years ago, but she was able to implement the idea only now.

"Today I am very happy that I was finally able to show the public everything that I have studied and worked hard for," says Anola's founder.