Giorgi Khubua's Story of Success in Germany

Young Georgian entrepreneur, Giorgi Khubua makes a significant contribution to the startup ecosystem of Germany.

Wrapstocks- Blockchain-Based Startup that Transfers Company Stocks

George Avsajanishvili, the CEO of Wrapstocks, was inspired to create the startup in 2019 when he was attending a conference about Ethereum in Osaka, Japan.

"The Better the Wine, the Better the Wine Stone" - Wine Diamond Added a New Jewelry Line

Wine stone jewelry brand ''Wine Diamond'' has added a new line to its collections. The new line is called "8,000", which combines stones of different years and regions in one piece of jewelry.

Representatives of THE Crossroads Participated in the Women in Tech Global Summit

"Women in Tech Global Summit HERoes" was held in Paris with the participation of technology industry leaders and experts from around the world.

Melaanian Vintage: Locals and International visitors can now Enjoy our Tea Tours

Eco-tourism Melaanian Vintage meets the 2022 tourist season for the first time with refined services.

CryptoPrison - NFT Online Board Game Created by Georgians

CryptoPrison - this is the name of the Georgian-created P2E (play-2-earn) NFT online board game with RPG elements.

Social Enterprise 7R - Multifunctional Space Promotes Circular Economy in Zugdidi

Multifunctional space for environmental protection - social enterprise 7R is trying to popularize the circular economy in Zugdidi.

Sprenty Received Funding for Developing Innovative Sports Booking Platform

Finding and booking a stadium is associated with great difficulties since most sports facilities do not have their own business digitized.

Traditional Georgian Desert in a New Shape: Pelamushito Starts Producing Tap Felamushi

Hot and cold dessert company "Pelamushito" starts producing tap Felamushi. As Nino Gogaladze, the founder of "Pelamushito" says, the company cooperates with an Italian company, which creates this device for them.