Posted: 2 years ago

Young Talented Team Created a Smart Robot in Gurjaani

For the first time in Gurjaani, three talented young people created a smart robot.

They worked hard and gained extensive experience in innovative technology to reach their goal.

Gurjaani Technopark team participated in the Georgian regional final of the World Robotics Olympiad. The senior category team was preparing for the Olympics for a month and a half in Gurjaani Technopark.

The robot performs the tasks in the medical field and they are planning to develop their robot in this direction. 

''It was a huge experience. We started creating the robot from the scratch and learned a lot about engineering. We started with simple motors and advanced to more complicated gadgets,'' Giorgi Kachlishvili, one of the team members said.

The robot is capable to grab the container and move around items.