Posted: 1 month ago

TS SHOPPING API to Connect Product Manufacturers with E-commerce Platforms

Startup TS shopping Api aims to connect product manufacturers and sellers with e-commerce stores through the API.

Consequently, online stores will have access to a variety of content, while local manufacturers and sellers will be able to sell their products simultaneously in the largest online stores.

The startup won funding of GEL 150,000 in a grant competition from the Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology (GITA).

Niko Vekua and Tornike Natsvlishvili, the founders of TS shopping Api, told Business Partner that the GITA competition was one of the most important experiences for them, and the startup's victory was due to the team's experience and project innovation.

"There is no API startup in the Georgian market and in the region that can solve the same problem that the fragmented market in Georgia has. I mean, we do not have such big business vendors as Amazon and eBay.

We also have an international partner, whose products we sell to local merchants, which allows us to have relationships with all major companies in Georgia. After the GITA grant, we will move to the second stage and start cooperating with small businesses that have their own platform or do not use online trading channels," said Tornike Natsvlishvili.

The goal of the startup is not only for the Georgian market and TS shopping Api plans to enter the international market in the future.

"E-commerce is at the stage of development when similar products should be created. There are challenges both in the Georgian market and in the region. After testing our product in Georgia, our expansion area will be Azerbaijan and Armenia in the first stage. We allow them to take into account their requirements. We think the Merchant Portal will be ready in 2 months for our customers to register their products," said Niko Vekua.