Posted: 2 years ago

Georgian Startup Theneo Nominated for the Prestigious Award of WorldFestival

Georgian technology startup Theneo has been nominated for one of the most prestigious startup awards in the world- WorldFestival Startup Awards 2022. Theneo is the only Georgian startup that participates in this competition.

Theneo is an artificial intelligence-based platform that allows its users to easily and quickly create quality interactive API documentation. I will tell you here that Theneo is a graduate of the YCombinator program, one of the world's leading startup accelerators.

The WorldFestival startup award consists of three rounds: in the first round, anyone can vote - as a result of voting, a ranking is made, in which one vote equals one point. In the second round, a panel of experts is involved in the voting, and startups are given additional points based on both capital raised and media support.

For your information, the WorldFestival Startup Awards is the largest startup award in which more than five thousand startups, organizations and companies participate every year in order to achieve global innovative goals and raise awareness of their company.

It is possible to vote for a Georgian technological startup by going to this link and filling out the registration form.