Posted: 8 months ago

Payment Solution Startup Justpay Plans to Expand in the Regional Countries

The startup Justpay, which offers small and medium-sized businesses an alternative payment solution using the same Payment Link, plans to increase the availability of the service and operate in the international market.

As the founder and CEO of the startup Nino Saneblidze mentions to "Business Partner", the development of Justpay is also seen outside the country, specifically, the founders are considering the markets of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

"We have great expectations from the Turkish market, the size of which is much larger than the Georgian market. We have completed the first stage of market research and it is already clear that there are at least 1 million entrepreneurs and companies in Turkey that need to receive online payments using Payment Link.

We think the next year will be very important for our startup. We are starting marketing activities from next month, which will have a positive impact on the growth of our customer base. We have important plans in the development of the product itself, we want to add the QR payments service, as well as improve the platform as a whole and especially its analytical services.

I would like to point out that we have chosen a different approach to relations with investors than a standard startup, we did not come to them with just an idea or an MVP, we are not actively looking for investors, our vision is to start an active marketing campaign in Georgia, introduce our service to neighboring countries, and then come with specific results with investors. We think that at such a stage we will be able to involve much more valuable investors in the startup," says Nino Saneblidze.

According to her, in order to directly enter the international market, they took part in the GITA grant competition, where they raised 150,000 GEL. However, the investments made in the project so far come entirely from the team members.

The web platform is already available and successfully used by various types of businesses. The Justpay payment method can be integrated into social media channels, posts, ads and text messages. After a simple registration on the web platform, the user gets access to the SAAS portal, where he chooses his partner bank or payment gateway, starts creating the desired invoice and generates the payment link there.