Posted: 1 year ago

Making Offline Friends With Similar Interests on Bubbler's Platform

July 15 marks the official launch of the platform, on which Georgian youth began working at the end of last year.

Bubbler App is a platform that helps people make offline friends and adapt to new environments. Bubbler does this by allowing them to participate in activities and hobbies around which they can form temporary groups and hang out together. 

The Bubbler platform is now available both as a website and as an app on the App Store (bubbler - share, find, hangout). Throughout this period, the team working on the platform underwent a number of changes, both in terms of the composition of the founders and the initial target market. 

"We finished working on the platform about three weeks ago. Before the official launch of Bubbler, we started the testing process of Concierge MVP, we implemented dozens of different sports and educational events, where we allowed people to get to know each other around a similar or common interest. At this stage, the platform on the Georgian market is operating and since its launch we already have more than 1500 registered users, most of whom use Bubbler on a daily basis. We currently have more than 120 shared activities and more than 85 activity "bubbles" created with the help of which, people systematically connect with each other around different activities and carry them out together," says Luka Khatridze, co-founder of Bubbler, at Entrepreneur. 

Initially, Bubbler was created to overcome the discomfort created by entering a foreign environment for students and to expand their social circle. The team working on the platform initially thought of American colleges and their students as a target audience. The founders discovered that hobbies or other personal activities bring people together the most. When you are engaged in something interesting even with strangers and you share positive emotions with each other, the formation of friendly relations becomes much easier and effortless.

It is in order to unite people around common interests that the Bubbler platform was created, which is starting to test the main values of its product in Georgia, although its target markets are European countries, where many young people change their place of residence for various reasons, including study, work, etc.

As Luka tells Entrepreneur, several large European and American accelerators expressed their interest in Bubbler, from which the platform has already received specific offers and after the successful completion of the negotiations, they will share the news.