All About Touch Digital Summit - Where Creative People Around the World Meet and Build Together

Touch Digital Summit has grown into a large scale international tech event, based in Georgia. The event series are promoting building an international community with the focus on digital and innovations development in the country.

Georgian Startup Develops Touchless Buttons

SENSOR.GE has developed the concept of sensor buttons.

Mimo Courier Service and Startuper have a Joint Offer for Startups

Withingthe framework of #TBC4you, Program Startuper and the new courier service company ''Mimo'' are offering a joint initiative for amateur businesses. 

GITA is Launching a 650,000 GEL Grant Competition

The Agency for Innovation and Technology is launching online information days for a 650,000 GEL grant competition (innovation co-financing grants).

The Educational Application "Muza" Created by Students

The winners of MIT global startup lab organized by BTU have been awarded with 10,000 Lari by Silknet.

Georgian Startups will create Respiratory Equipment

Georgian startups will create a respiratory machine that can be used at home.

Electronic Mask Created by Georgian Startup Being Tested at Lugar's Laboratory

The first electronic face mask reated by a Georgian startup will be tested at Lugar's laboratory.

David Mizandari's Creates Reusable, Viral Infection Protection Electro Mask

The first prototype of a resulable, viral infection protection viral mask was produced within 48 hours using a 3D printer. 

Georgian Medical Engineers Double the Resource of Respiratory Equipment

Georgian medical engineers have doubled the resource of a respiratory equipment.