Posted: 3 years ago

Crypto Payment Platform Wins GITA Grant Program; Startup Plans

Beka Kemertelidze’s startup has won the GITA grant program. – the crypto payment platform that enables customers to receive money in desirable currency.

“We started working on this idea about a year ago and I invested $100,000 in this project together with my partner. Besides Georgia, we have passed registration in Turkey and now we plan to enter Estonia too. The application was launched in the test regime 3 months ago. At this stage, we have 50 users and in the near future, we will introduce the perfect version.

As part of the GITA co-funding program, we have obtained a grant of GEL 100,000 and 90% of this grant will be spent on marketing campaigns in order to enter the international market. We have launched negotiations with investors that appeared after GITA and showed interest in our startup”, Beka Kemertelidze noted. The experience gained in the grant-winning process has brought radical changes, he added. ‘We have discovered many problems and opportunities in ourselves. And we needed this moment to take the first steps and enter the global market”, the startup founder noted.