Posted: 1 year ago

Ehotelspace – What GITA Grant Winner Startup Offers to Hotel Business

Ehotelspace startup aims to change the process of sales and services in the hotel business, by the use of contemporary technologies.

The company has won a GITA grant program. Ehotelspace is a cloud platform. As noted by the startup founder Daji Liparteliani, the web platform was developed about 6 months ago and has already attracted more than 60 clients.

"Our startup is a hotel sales management platform. Hotels are able to create their own website without additional investments with an integrated booking system, various communication channels, and payment methods. At the same time, hotels will be able to sell not only their services but also various activities, including motor tours, riding tours, or other services that enable the business sector to generate additional incomes and allow holidaymakers to simpler plan activities”, Daji Liparteliani noted. Ehotelspace has invested more than $150,000 for 2 years. The greater part of the GITA grant of GEL 100,000 will be spent on developing the cross-selling component and marketing activities, she noted.