Posted: 3 years ago

ANSASI to Introduce New Products – Story of USAID-Promoted Successful Startup

ANSASI Company plans to introduce natural silk nightwear, women’s lingerie, caps, and pillowcases. Founded 2 years ago by Ana Saralidze, 26, with the support of USAID, the company is the story of the success of a young girl.

As noted Ana Saralidze, the knowledge acquired in the School of Entrepreneurs has helped her in developing the brand. ANSASI is an online store of handmade accessories for travelers and sleepyheads, namely, neck pillows, eye masks, and hair sticks.

The objective of the brand is to determine and satisfy the customer’s demand and needs and provide maximum comfort for them. “The most important moment is that the customer has the opportunity to get any engraving or illustration on their desirable accessories and make memorable gifts to their favorite people. For the summer season, we have added a wide variety of traveling rugs for picnics. In the near future, we will also introduce silk nightwear, women’s lingerie, caps, and pillowcases”, Ana Saralidze noted. The brand always participates in street and Christmas fairs in Tbilisi.