Posted: 3 years ago

Produce in Georgia Ready to Accept Business Ideas for Grant Program from October 5

Acceptance of business ideas for the grant program of the agency "Produce in Georgia" to support micro and small entrepreneurship will start from October 5.

Applicants will be able to submit applications until October 18.

The program budget has been increased to GEL 40 million and the upper limit of the grant volume has been set at GEL 30,000.

According to the updated program, the participation fee of the winners of the program is 10% instead of 20%, and in the highland regions - 5%.

Tbilisi was added to the target territorial units of the program.

All adult citizens of Georgia are eligible to participate in the Micro and Small Entrepreneurship Grant Competition, as an entrepreneur who has not received funding under the program, or is participating for the first time, as well as an entrepreneur who has already received a micro and small entrepreneurship grant.