Posted: 3 years ago

JOBIA Profit – Startup for Jobseekers Wins GITA Grant Program

Archil Dzidziguri’s startup JOBIA Profit has won the GITA co-funding program. JOBIA Profit is an innovative mobile and web application for jobseekers and employers.

As noted by Archil Dzidziguri, the objective of the application is to simplify communication between employers and job seekers. “Together with vacancies, we have the database of job seekers who have passed questionnaires and receive daily notifications on vacancies.

Questionnaires are to identify various features and capabilities, skills of jobseekers, including education, experience, personal skills, professional level, and so on. When a specific vacant position is announced, a corresponding candidate is selected for the position that fits the vacant position by 90%”, the JOBIA Profits founder noted. By the mentioned grant Archil Dzidziguri plans to develop the startup and launch the website in the test regime in a month.