Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Blogger Brand ANNE SIDAMONI SKINCARE Appeared on AMAZON

Georgian blogger cosmetic brand appeared in the USA. Anne Sidamoni Skincare launches cosmetics and care products.

The cosmetics line is focused on the production of organic products. The brand's products were initially made on the basis of hemp oil, but then products made from other organic ingredients were added to it.

Anne Sidamoni Skincare has also appeared on Amazon, which has already given the cosmetic line brand status.

Its founder Ana Sidamonidze is a Georgian emigrant to the United States and it is a great success for her. As Ana Sidamonidze explains to "Business Partner", Amazon recognition will activate sales.

In addition to the cosmetic line, the Georgian emigrant plans to open a spa center in the 5-year action plan.

"Products can be purchased both on my page and on Amazon. It is important that Amazon has recognized Anne Sidamoni Skincare as a brand, which of course makes me happy. At this stage I am in talks with several pharmacies. The 5-year plan includes having my own spa, where I will have a stand for my products, "said Ana Sidamonidze.