Natia Turnava: Development of Maritime Transport Sector will Increase Employment Opportunities

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Natia Turnava, heard the annual report of the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia and information on the future plans.

New Air Company at Tbilisi International Airport

Air company Thai Air Asia X has performed its firts direct charter flight on the route Bangkok – Tbilisi.

Kutaisi International Airport's New Passenger Terminal Facade and Internal Partition Arrangement Completed

The main works on the facade of the new Kutaisi International Airport terminal and the arrangement of internal partitions have been completed, as well as roof installation. 

SOCAR Georgia Opened New Petrol Station Complex in Terjola

SOCAR Georgia opened a new petrol station complex near the town of Terjola, Georgia.

88 re-auctions were announced within government's project “100 Investment Offers to Business”

88 re-auctions were announced in the framework of the government’s project “100 Investment Offers to Business”.

Georgia Adopts Key Laws to Harmonise Country's Energy Sector

Following the Parliament’s adoption in third reading of the Law on Energy and Water Supply and the Law on Renewable Energy Sources

Power Sector and Energy Security

The energy efficiency bill is to revise our energy policy and strategy.

AE SOLAR Director General: Regulations Generate Main Challenges

There are many challenges in the renewable energy field and regulations create major obstacles in this respect, AE SOLAR director general Durbeck Patakhov told BM.GE

Average Monthly Wages Increased in Georgia

According to Geostat, in the III quarter of the 2019 year, the average monthly earnings in Georgia increased by 92 Gel compared to the second quarter of the previous year and amounted to 1 217.1 Gel.