Posted: 1 week ago

Exploring Careers in Mining and Geology: A New Initiative for Future Engineers

A collaboration between the Technical University of Georgia and RMG Company has launched an innovative project aimed at graduating students, promoting higher education and aiding in career orientation—a key aspect of the ongoing education system.

Titled "Discover the Faculty of Mining and Geology at GTU," the initiative welcomed 12th graders from Kazreti district's public schools #1 and #2 to the faculty. Around 50 students from both schools were introduced to the faculty's educational programs during an informative tour.

Participants had the opportunity to explore the faculty's enrichment laboratory, outfitted with the latest flotation equipment courtesy of RMG. They were also introduced to the unique mine-laboratory on site, a network of tunnels and chambers equipped with modern mining equipment, mechanisms, and automated production process controls. The tour included visits to the geology-paleontology, mineralogy and petrography, and mineral resources museums. Concluding the visit, students were presented with joint GTU and RMG project opportunities at the RMG Mining and Geological Technology Center.

Giorgi Chkheidze, RMG's Deputy Executive Director, emphasized the significance of non-formal education through industrial tours, a practice the company has engaged in for years. This year marked the inclusion of a visit to the Technical University of Georgia, particularly targeting young individuals from RMG's operational regions. "It's encouraging to see the variety of projects offered to GTU students substantially increasing interest in the Mining and Geological Faculty. We believe today's informational tour will guide many young individuals in choosing their future careers," stated Chkheidze.