Prashant Joshi: When Your Team Backs You, Nothing is Impossible

Prashant Joshi has been managing AGL since early 2017, the last four years were full of many challenges and successes.

GEL 130 Million is Stopcov Fund in the Budget of Third Stage Anti-Crisis Plan

The government has presented the third phase of the anti-crisis plan.

Utility Bills Support Program to Continue During Winter Months

The utility bills support program will last for 4 months of winter.

Government to Provide 200 GEL Assistance to All Children up to 17 Years Old

The government will provide 200 GEL assistance to all children up to 17 years old.

Partnership Fund to Repeatedly Auction Borjomi-Likani Hotel for $30 million

The Partnership Fund of Georgia has announced a repeated auction for sales of Borjomi-Likani hotel.

Economic Decline in Georgia to Reach -5%

By 2020, the economic downturn will be -5%. Such is the updated forecast of the National Bank. Koba Gvenetadze, the President of the NBG stated about it. Recall that the previous forecast was -4%.

Government to Spend over 59 million GEL on Building Shatili Road

The Road Department has been actively implementing Shatili approach road rehabilitation works.

Georgians in 2020: Dedicated and Friends-oriented Team Players

Noblet Media CIS, in cooperation with the current Info Sapiens team, conducted such surveys in 2009-2013 and decided that it’s high time to update the data.