Posted: 5 days ago

EP President Roberta Metsola: Tbilisi, We Hear you! We See you!

President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, has expressed her solidarity with the people of Georgia amidst the ongoing protests in Tbilisi. Metsola's remarks reflect the European Union's commitment to supporting the democratic aspirations of the Georgian people.

"Tbilisi, we hear you! We see you!" Metsola proclaimed, acknowledging the fervent desire of Georgians for a closer association with Europe. "Georgians on the streets are dreaming of Europe."

The protests in Georgia have been marked by a significant display of European symbols, with many demonstrators proudly waving the European flag. This act underscores their hope for a European future, one that embraces the values and standards of the European Union.

Metsola emphasized this sentiment, stating, "They want a European future. They expect European values and standards." Her words resonate deeply with the aspirations of the Georgian people, who are advocating for democracy, rule of law, and human rights.

The President of the European Parliament assured the Georgian protesters of unwavering support from the European Parliament. "@Europarl_EN stands with the people of Georgia," Metsola declared, reinforcing the solidarity between the European Union and those seeking democratic reforms in Georgia.