Georgian Port of Batumi is the Main Gateway for Cargo Transportation to Azerbaijan from European countries.

Georgian port of Batumi is the main gateway for cargo transportation to Azerbaijan from European countries. Batumi Sea Port has revealed cargo transportation volumes for the first half of this year.

Successful 5 Months for Georgian Exports

In January-May 2019 Georgia’s external trade turnover (without undeclared trade) made up 4 959.4 million USD, up 1.1% year on year, including the exports constituted 1 466.7 million USD (up 14.2%) and imports marked 3 492.8 million USD (down 3.6%).

Financing for Infrastructural Projects in 2019 to Increase by 20%

According to the Head of Government, the financing for infrastructural projects in 2019 will increase by 20%, a record-breaking indicator in the history of independent Georgia.

Geostat: Georgia’s Trousers Exports Grow by 47% to 7.5 million USD

Exports of males’ trousers, jumpsuits and shorts have increased, Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, says.

First Cargo to Delivers from Turkey to Georgia on New Railway Today

The ceremony on the occasion of the freight arrival will be attended by CEO of JSC Georgian Railways David Peradze.

Whether Investing of Pensions Agency Funds in Energy and Logistics Sectors Bring Profits

The Pension Agency may invest money in energy, telecommunications and logistics sectors, the Agency executive director Levan Surguladze noted.

Why National Bank Recommends Business to Make Forward Deals

Georgian business companies prefer to minimize currency risks, because the main part of products are imported in Georgia, while the same products are sold in GEL and currency risks arises naturally.

Flight Ban Shrinks Tourist Inflows from Russia by 78%

On July 22, TBC Research published a new report on tourism embargo. Despite flight ban from Russia, Georgia’s tourism sector maintains lower, but dynamic pace of growth anyway, the report reads.

George Chogovadze: In 2020 Kutaisi Airport will Be 4 Times Bigger and its Passenger Turnover will Increase 4 times

Kutaisi International Airport’s new terminal construction second phase comes to the end.