Posted: 4 weeks ago

Nino Latsabidze Announces Second Rehabilitation Center for Children with Autism Spectrum to Include a Space for Mothers

"We are embarking on the renovation of a second rehabilitation center for children on the autism spectrum, which will notably feature a dedicated area for mothers," revealed Nino Latsabidze, a member of Parliament's Gender Equality Council and the mayor of Rustavi, during the "Business Partner" program.

The project, set to be carried out by Rustavi City Hall with backing from the American Embassy, aims to provide a supportive environment not just for children but also for their caretakers.

"In a recent discussion with the Gender Council, the topic centered on the parents of children with autism spectrum disorders. Many mothers find themselves fully committed throughout the day, accompanying their children to rehabilitation centers, which significantly limits their ability to participate in economic activities. They expressed a desire for employment opportunities with flexible schedules tailored to their unique needs," Latsabidze explained.

Rustavi already boasts one modern facility for children with autism, and plans are now in motion to refurbish a second building. This initiative, focusing on women's involvement, will introduce a communal club space designed specifically for mothers, enhancing support for families navigating the challenges of autism spectrum disorders.