Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgian Airways Sets Charter Flight Prices for EURO 2024 from 879 to 5,967 GEL

Georgian Airways has announced the ticket prices for its special charter flights to Germany for the upcoming football championship this summer. Prices range from 879 GEL for economy class to 5,967 GEL for business class seats.

Specifically, on the airline's official website, business class tickets to Dortmund for the June 17 flight are listed at 5,967 GEL, with economy class tickets currently unavailable. A return ticket in economy class for June 19 is priced at 879 GEL.

For the Hamburg flight on June 21, ticket prices start at 1,042 GEL, with the return flight on June 23 priced at 879 GEL.

Regarding the final game, which takes place at the Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Georgian Airways does not offer a direct flight. Instead, the flight is scheduled for Dusseldorf, located 57 kilometers from Gelsenkirchen. Ticket prices for June 25 start at 1,041 GEL, with the minimum price for a return ticket on June 28 at 878 GEL.

It's a historic moment as the Georgian national team will participate in the European Championship for the first time. The national team's matches are scheduled for June 18, 22, and 26.