Posted: 1 month ago

Completion of Georgia's Longest Tunnel Marks Milestone in Kusheti-Kobi Highway Project

Tomorrow, April 23, marks the completion of the 9-kilometer Kusheti-Kobi tunnel, set to be Georgia's longest. The completion of this tunnel is a significant milestone within the broader construction of a new highway scheduled to finish within the year.

The Kusheti-Kobi project encompasses the construction of a 23-kilometer two-lane asphalt-concrete road, featuring five bridges and five tunnels. Notably, the 9-kilometer tunnel, with a 15-meter diameter, is carved through rocky terrain, making it not only the largest in Georgia but also one of the most unique tunnels worldwide. This new route will shorten the current distance by 11 kilometers, cutting travel time to just 15 minutes from an hour, with about 70% of the road including an additional lane for easier travel.

The Roads Department also announced the construction of a 5-kilometer access road leading to Gudauri. The project further includes several smaller infrastructure developments to meet local needs. These include the construction of new local roads, renovation of existing rural roads, and the establishment of a tourist center.

Funded at 900 million GEL for the tunnel alone, with the overall highway project costing 1.2 billion GEL, the work is being carried out by the China Railway Tunnel Corporation and the 23rd Bureau of China Railways.