Posted: 3 weeks ago

Georgia Completes Construction of Its Longest Tunnel, Enhancing Connectivity Between Kvesheti and Kobi

A 9-kilometer tunnel, part of the Kvesheti-Kobi road project, has been completed, linking the villages of Kvesheti and Kobi. This tunnel, the longest in Georgia, was constructed using a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) specifically designed for this project, which minimizes environmental impact and promotes sustainability.

Alongside this, construction on a parallel evacuation tunnel is progressing, with 7,730 meters already completed.

The tunnel spans 9 kilometers with a diameter of 15 meters, distinguishing it as one of the world's unique tunnels due to its size and construction technology. Work is now shifting to final excavations, installations of electrical and engineering systems, and road paving within the tunnel.

The comprehensive Kvesheti-Kobi project involves constructing a 23-kilometer two-lane asphalt-concrete road equipped with a lighting system. This includes five bridges, five tunnels, and the rehabilitation of one bridge, alongside a new 5-kilometer road to Gudauri and a tourist center.

The project significantly reduces travel time—cutting a typical hour-long journey to just 15 minutes and offering a reliable route during the avalanche-prone winter months.

This new route not only shortens travel times but also enhances connectivity between regions and mountain villages, dramatically impacting the local communities. Previously isolated for months, the inhabitants of ten villages will gain year-round access to essential services. This route also addresses the issue of frequent traffic disruptions during winter.