Georgia Advanced to 8th Position in Economic Freedom of the World: 2020 Annual Report

Georgia’s score and position is improved in the Economic Freedom of the World: 2020 Annual Report and has been ranked at the 8th position in the top ten countries with 8,18 points. Georgia was at the 9th position in the 2019 Report.

GITA Deputy Chairman Mariam Lashkhi is in the platoon of Georgian Dream

Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia also included Mariam Lashkhi, Deputy Chairman of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency, in the platoon for the 2020 parliamentary elections. The political union named her 19th.

Minister of Economy Announced Succes Achieved in Energy Sector

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development announces the successes achieved in the electricity sector in the country.

Several Streets Undergo Rehabilitation in Zestaponi Town

The Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) carries out rehabilitation works for several streets.

Georgia’s Hazelnuts Exports Hit 2,648 tons; Exports Markets

As for September 10, 2020, Georgia has exported 2,648 tons of hazelnuts, up from 1,599 tons of hazelnuts exported in the same period of 2019, the Georgian Agriculture Ministry reports.

Apple Gardens Arranged on 1,128 hectares under Plant the Future Program

Apple gardens have been arranged on 1,128 hectares in Georgia, as part of the Plant the Future state program. The co-funding component constituted GEL 9 million.

Wind Power Plant in Kartli to Receive Revenue of 9,4 Million GEL in First Six Months of 2020

According to the GCAP, the wind power plant generated 46,6 GWh, which is 51% capacity load. 

Telasi is Operating at a Loss

"Telasi" is at a loss. The company announced a reduction in sales revenue in the face of the СOVID 19 pandemic.

Goga Melikidze: Yield on Pension Assets Exceed Annual Inflation 2.3 Times

The yield on pension assets exceeds the annual inflation 2.3 times, Goga Melikidze, a senior officer of the Pension Agency’s Investment Board noted.