Georgian Railway Losses in January-June Marked 85.6 million GEL

The company incomes from crude oil transportation have declined by 90%. Georgian railway incomes in January-June 2019 marked 230.2 million GEL, up 15.9% year on year.

Georgian Railway Delegation Presented New Regular Freight Traffic in Krakow

On September 10, 2019, the Georgian Railway Delegation participated in the Third Transport Conference in Krakow, Poland.

Women Councillors seek a Greater say in Georgia’s Economic and Political Life

Meeting in Tbilisi today at their sixth annual conference, more than 150 members of the Women Councillors’ Forum of Georgia sought a greater say in economic and political issues at the local level.

Government Reshuffle and Economic Initiatives

Ex Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze failed to provide valuable communication with small business sector, Soso Galumashvili noted.

Serious Recession, Slowdown in Investments and Licensing – Development Sector Responds to Deputy Economy Minister

“Economic growth has been diversified  – construction  was one of the key contributors to economic growth in July 2019.

Wizz Air Launches Flights to 7 New Destinations to Kutaisi from September 10

Starting September 10, WizzAir planes will fly to Kutaisi from 7 new destinations. Direct flights to Poznan, Copenhagen, Bar, Basel, Brussels, Tallinn and Eindhoven are scheduled.

Bidding Announced on Construction of Animal Shelter in Gurjaani

Design works for Gurjaani animal shelter are already completed and bidding on civil works is announced.

Working on Bakuriani Urban Renovation Project and Strategic Plan of Transport Mobility Commenced

 The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF) has concluded the Contract for development of  Strategic Plan on Bakuriani Urban Renovation and Transport Mobility.

July so Strong Growth Despite Unfavorable Developments

According to the initial estimates of GeoStat, the real GDP growth strengthened to 6.1% YoY in July 2019. The growth averaged to 5.1% YoY in the first seven months of the year.