Trade Report: The Increased Trade Volume between Georgia and Croatia in 2022

The trade volume between Georgia and Croatia increased by 49% in 2022, reaching a total of USD 11,970,000.

Georgia-USA Trade Turnover: USD 1.206 Billion in 2022

During 2022, trade between the two countries amounted to USD 1.206 billion, a 43.1% increase from the previous year, hitting a decade-high.

European Commission Publishes Analytical Report on Georgia's Readiness for EU Membership

The European Commission recently published an analytical report on the readiness of Georgia to become a member of the European Union.

Large Bulgarian infrastructure company "Parsek Group" Took an interest in the Georgian market

The culture of adapting post-socialist, outdated infrastructure to modern requirements is quite developed in Eastern European countries.

Inflation Amounted to 9.4% in January in Georgia

According to Geostat, in January 2023, compared to the previous month, the inflation level in Georgia was 0.8 percent, and the annual inflation level was 9.4 percent.

How Many People Earn more than 100,000 GEL a Month in Georgia?

In December 2022, 1,183 people received more than 100,000 GEL income, their total income, before paying taxes, was 445,931,736 GEL.

Customs Introduce a Robot as a New Employee

"More than 90% of services in the Revenue Service are electronic. However, we still tried to create a virtual electronic clearance zone in the customs department.''

Shares of Georgian Companies on London Stock Exchange have Changed in Price

Georgia is represented on the London Stock Exchange through a total of three companies - "TBC Bank", "Capital of Georgia" and "Bank of Georgia". Their share price changes over the past weeks were as follows.

China was the Largest Export Country for Georgia in 2022

According to the preliminary data of Geostat, in 2022 the share of the 10 largest export partner countries in the total export of Georgia amounted to 78.6%.