Georgia and Cyprus to Create Joint Marine Committee

Georgia and Cyprus will create Joint Marine Committee. The parties have already discussed the matters of deepening cooperation between Georgia and Cyprus in the maritime field. 

Royal Danish Academy in Oni to Receive Students from 2022 May

Representatives of the Royal Danish Academy have selected a building located in the village of Sori, in Oni municipality for the university campus.

Artist Behind Tbilisi’s Biggest Mural Shows People Beauty of Weakness

Tbilisi Mural Fest took the initiative when it was time for an intervention and brought together world-renowned and local professional street artists. This is how we meet Dutch artist Judith de Leeuw.

Children Aged 12 to 15 Can Now Be Vaccinated with Pfizer in Georgia

Immunization Council made the decision to support the vaccination of children aged 12 to 15 years with Pfzier.

Citizens Over 18 are Able to Receive COVID-19 Booster Shot from Tomorrow

Immunization Council approved boosters shots as an additional dose of vaccine. 

New Mural Showcasing Famous Georgian Chess World Champion Nona Gaprindashvili

Tbilisi Mural Fest presents a new mural by the Georgian artist David Samkharadze, showcasing the famous Georgian chess world champion Nona Gaprindashvili.

Gela Charkviani Prominent Georgian Writer and Diplomat Dies Aged 82

Gela Charkviani a Georgian diplomat, educator, writer, and television personality died at the age of 82. 

Borders of Tbilisi Might Expand- The Project Behind The Reason

The borders of Tbilisi might change. The government has already submitted relevant proposals to the Parliament.

Green Passport Comes Into Force on December 1

Green Passport officially comes into force on December 1st.