Posted: 2 years ago

Brighton 4th Wins Grand Prix at International Film Festival in Los Angeles

Levan Koguashvili's film "Brighton 4th" won the main award at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival,- the National Film Center reports.

The main part of Levan Koguashvili's film was shot in New York with the support of the National Film Center. The film is a co-production of Georgia, Bulgaria, the United States and Russia. One of the co-producers of the Brighton 4th is the Georgian Public Broadcaster, and the co-financier is the Cartu Charitable Foundation.

The film "Brighton 4th" will fight for the nomination of the International Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the 2022 International Feature Film, on behalf of Georgia.

The film is about the Georgian wrestler, Kakhi, who travels to Brooklyn to help his son out of a gambling debt.

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