Posted: 2 years ago

Untitled Talks: Untitled Gallery Presents Meeting Series

Untitled Gallery Tbilisi presents the second round of weekly meeting series “Untitled Talks”. The second speaker is Ketevan Kapanadze. She will discuss the matters of the significance of artistic perspectives in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict and how artists can challenge narratives in constantly re-articulated peace.
Ketevan Kapanadze’s project “Be attentive to the in-between” points to a space that confronts us with the binary divisions created by long-lasting conflicts. The talk will explore how creative people - artists, actors, poets, writers, dancers, photographers, can use our skills to address the issues of conflicts. More importantly, it will also tackle the question of why, art practices create strong foundations for long-lasting peace.
Born and raised in Georgia, Ketevan has been researching the different angles of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. For the past year and a half, she has been involved in various peace-building initiatives that focus on gender, young people, and on searching the potential that art practices have for studying the conflicts. It is in her observation that the Arts can offer bridges for challenging the narratives, and enabling new possibilities for political imagination.
Through various theoretical conceptualizations and personal work, Ketevan hopes to continue the already existing conversations but to also initiate new avenues for collaboration.
Talk will be held at Untitled Gallery Tbilisi, Iunkerta street 1/12, 12th November, 7 PM. The entrance is free of charge.