Posted: 2 years ago

Royal Danish Academy in Oni to Receive Students from 2022 May

Representatives of the Royal Danish Academy have selected a building located in the village of Sori, in Oni municipality for the university campus.

The arrangement of the educational space will start in the near future and in May 2022 the academy will receive the first students.

For the next step it is considered to arrange the start of fall semester. The main goal is to transform the academy into innovative-professional hub of the region.

"The visitors have been in Oni Municipality for several days now, and they got acquainted with the long-standing tradition of working with the wood. We have drawn up a joint future action plan that will develop educational and tourism potential in Oni.", noted the mayor of Oni Municipality, Sergo Khidasheli.

According to the Mayor, the cooperation will be based on international cultural relations, demographic values ​​and will set an important precedent for Georgia in the field of educational tourism, internationally.