TBC to Spend more than GEL 5 Million to Tackle the Challenges of COVID 19

''TBC for you'' - TBC creates a program to support the Georgian population, which will combine all TBC-initiated projects to reduce the harm caused by COVID-19.

Supermarket Chain Magniti Allocated Financial Resources to Fight the Virus

Due to corporate social responsibility, Magniti has allocated GEL 50,000 to combat the spread of the virus.

Closed Hotels, Cancelled Bookings – Coronavirus Hits Restaurants and Accommodation Facilities

A new challenge has attacked ski resorts. After a disappointing winter season, the coronavirus-related restrictions also began to apply to highland regions and ski resorts cannot host visitors any more.

Marneuli Food Factory Resumed Working

Marneuli Food Factory continued to work after a 1-day shutdown.

Ruispiri Biodynamic Agriculture to Start Producing Disinfectants

Giorgi Aladashvili, holder of agriculture declared, that they already started producing face masks and disinfectant liquid.

Wizz Air to Cancel Flights from Kutaisi International Airport Till May 1st

Based on the aroused circumstances, air company Wizz Air canceled flights till May 1st.

Closed Restaurants, Cafés and Bars Amid the Spread of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus prevention measures, café-bars and restaurants closed amid coronavirus outbreak and the current challenges in the HoReCa industry

Enterprise Georgia Agency to Support Small and Medium Hotel Businesses in the Country

Enterprise Georgia agency is starting a new program on March 23 to cofinance family-owned, small and medium-size hotels in Georgia.

The App Store Will Soon Be Available in Georgia

Apple has announced that the App Store is launching in 20 new countries this year, including Georgia.