Posted: 1 week ago

Dental Facilities Continue Operation From Today

Planned dental services will be resumed from today. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, a new guideline for dental facilities has been introduced.

According to the recommendations published by the Health Ministry, in order to prevent the risk of infection with Covid-19, the patient's thermoscreening and antiseptic hand treatment at the dental clinic will begin as soon as one enters the facility.

Other mandatory items are: remote thermometer in the facility, patient risk assessment questionnaire; disposable wipes in dental offices and toilets; hand disinfectants for staff and patients.

According to the guideline published by the Ministry of Health, planned dental care providers should have individual protective equipment for dental staff; N95 or higher protection level respirator; Medical mask; Eye protection: face shield and goggles; Non-sterile disposable gloves; Disposable liquid medical coat; Medical hat; Two-week supply of disposable personal protective equipment, in accordance with the work cabinets and the staff of the dental staff.

It is necessary to protect the staff working in the reception. There must be a glass or organic glass protective barrier with the registry, the staff must wear a face shield, medical mask and disposable coat and glove.