Posted: 7 months ago

Delayed Concerts and Big Loss - When will Cavea Cinemas Open?

The screening of films in Georgian cinemas has been suspended from March 16th due to the coronavirus outbreak. At the moment, Cavea Cinema, Amirani Film Theatre, and Batumi Apollo are cloesd. Tickets for the upcoming movie screenings have also been suspended.

It is unknown, when the film screenings will be renewed. According to the government's plan, probably film theaters will not be functioning until July.

The press of Cavea Cinema declared with Commersant, that they suffered great losses since March and this situation will continue for additional several months especially since it is unknown when and under what conditions they will have to resume operating.

"At this stage, the situation is unclear. Officially, it is scheduled to open cinemas in July according to the government. We fully covered the salaries at first, but then some part of it was financed by the company with the loans since our income this month is zero. The loans were postponed by the banks, although this is a temporary event. We have suffered the biggest losses from March, and it is likely that this situation will last for a long time."

According to the representative of the company, apart from the fact that the exact date of opening film theaters is unknown, they also do not have information on what conditions they will have to protect at this stage, so it is difficult to talk about the future plans. However, despite the losses, there is no discussion about closing the cinemas at this point.