President of ADB Declares Support for Georgia for Fighting Against COVID-19

Masatsugu Asakawa, President of the Asian Development Bank and Minister of Finances of Georgia, Ivane Matchavariani discussed the matters of potential contributions towards COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia.

Company "Vendoo" to Offer its Users 24/7 Free Delivery Service

The company "Vendoo" offers its users 24/7 delivery service free of charge.

Appeal to Business: Support Each Other, United We Are Stronger

Interview with Salome Zurabishvili, Executive Director of CiDA and Global Compact Network Georgia

Up to GEL 6 million has been Mobilized in StopCoV Fund

Up to 6 million GEL has been mobilized in StopCoV fund in the last two days.

Georgia-Israel Chamber of Business and Israeli House to Donate 18,00 Lari to StopCov Fund

Georgia-Israel Chamber of Business, its member companies and "Israeli House" will transfer 18,000 Lari to the StopCov fund and will give Georgian journalists medical face masks produced in Israel. 

The Company Dr. Goods Starts Producing Face Masks

The company Doctor Goods, which supplies the medical sector with sterile and non-sterile surgical kits manufactured in Georgia, expands its line and starts producing medical face masks.

6 Million Lari to be Accumulated in StopCov Fund - Business Ombudsman

StopCov fund is created by the government to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

TBC to Spend more than GEL 5 Million to Tackle the Challenges of COVID 19

''TBC for you'' - TBC creates a program to support the Georgian population, which will combine all TBC-initiated projects to reduce the harm caused by COVID-19.

Supermarket Chain Magniti Allocated Financial Resources to Fight the Virus

Due to corporate social responsibility, Magniti has allocated GEL 50,000 to combat the spread of the virus.