Natia Loladze Becomes Vice President of The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

President of the Georgia Red Cross Society Natia Loladze has been elected Vice-President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

European Parliament Calls for EU Institutions to Work Towards Granting EU Candidate Status to Georgia

Today, on June 9, the European Parliament's joint motion for a resolution addresses violations of media freedom in Georgia and challenges to the safety of journalists.

Georgia Completes First Part of EU Membership Questionnaire

The government of Georgia completed the first part of the EU membership questionnaire, the first section of which inquires about economical and political issues.

From Erasmus in Venice to a scholarship in Shanghai: Tamari Tsverikmazashvili on her Journey

Few of us can predict where life will take us. This may be particularly true for N26 Junior Data Analyst Tamari Tsverikmazashvili, who spent her childhood in the Georgian countryside in a home with no electricity.

6 Surprising and Innovative Uses for Telematics

There are many ways to use telematics data. This article will explore six innovative ways businesses use telematics data to improve their operations.

Georgia Receives EU Membership Questionnaire Today

Georgia will receive a questionnaire on EU membership today.

Russia Redeploys Armed Forces of Occupied Territories of Georgia to Ukraine

Aiming to staff its armed forces, Russia redeployed troops from the occupied territories of Georgia to Ukraine. 

The US Allocates Additional $100 Million for Ukraine

The United States intends to provide Ukraine with $100 million financial assistance for civilian security. 

Moscow Stock Exchange Reopens After 1-Month Pause

After a month-long closure, the Russian Stock Exchange opened with limited shares available.