International Court of Justice in The Hague to Hear Ukraine's Lawsuit against Russia on March 7-8

Ukraine's lawsuit against Russia will be heard by the International Criminal Court in The Hague on March 7-8.

EU Bans Import of Euro Banknotes into Russia

The European Union has adopted another economic sanction against Russia.

Apple Stops All Product Sales in Russia

Earlier, Apple stopped exporting products to Russia. Also restricted payments with Apple Pay.

Wizz Air Cancels Flights from Russia

Wizz Air canceled all flights from Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan) until March 26 due to a package of sanctions agreed upon by European and US leaders.

The US Closes Airspace for Russia

After the sanctions imposed by the EU, the U.S closed its airspace for Russia. The decision will come into force today.

Boeing Suspends Operations in Russia

The U.S based aircraft manufacturer company Boeing suspended operations in Russia and temporarily closed its office in Kyiv. 

Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony Halt Film Releases in Russian Cinemas

The Walt Disney Company has declared that its films will no longer be shown in Russia. The relevant announcement was made on the company's Twitter account.

Japan Freezes Assets of Russia's Central Bank

Japan, along with United States and its allies, has introduced a new package of sanctions aimed at freezing assets for the Russia's leaders and three financial institutions.

Zelenskyy Recalls Ambassador to Georgia over "Immoral Position" of Georgian Government

Volodymyr Zelenskyy recalled ambassador to Georgia, Igor Dolgov to Ukraine.