Ruble Sanks to a Record Low Amid to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Russian assets fell sharply as military attacks across Ukraine prompted emergency central bank action.

Zelensky Urges Russian Citizens to Express Their Position Over Russo-Ukrainian War

Volodymyr Zelensky made an appeal to Russian citizens and stressed that they should question the information presented to them by domestic state television.

Nino Enukidze: Ukrainian Institutions will Become Our Main Partners in Every Project

The rector of Business and Technology University, Prof. Nino Enukidze supports the Ukrainian people amid a Russian invasion.

Boris Johnson: This is Catastrophe for Europe

This is a catastrophe for our continent. I will make an address to the nation this morning on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Lithuania Declares State of Emergency

As Russian forces launched a military campaign against Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday, Lithuania is introducing a state of emergency, the president said.

Georgian Companies and Hotels To Provide Accommodation and Working Spaces for Ukrainian Citizens (LIST)

Due to the emergency and war situation in Ukraine, for the citizens of Ukraine who are not able to return to their homeland. Several hotels and companies are willing to provide all neccessary support. 

Members of Spend 4 Seasons in Georgia Respond to Russia's Attack on Ukraine

Members of Facebook group Spend 4 Seasons in Georgia support Ukrainian citizens. 

NATO's Eastern Countries have Trigged Article 4

NATO member states Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have triggered NATO Article 4 to launch consultations within the alliance over Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Coca-Cola to Build New Plant in Azerbaijan

Coca-Cola plans to build a new plant in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Coca-Cola Bottlers Limited has also selected a corresponding location for building the plant.