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8 Viber Features, About Which You Must Know 

Viber is one of the popular VoIP platforms in Georgia, with a significant user base - 1.7 million monthly active users among the nation’s total population of 3.7 million. Deepen your relationships with Viber’s wide range of communication features.

Whether you already use Viber or you're planning to install it, here are some of the cool features you should check out.

  1. Viber channels


Using channels, bloggers and brands can share news, attract new users and better understand their interests; while channel subscribers can find relevant, unique, and interesting content while maintaining their privacy. They can be made public and support a much greater number of members (up to a billion) if the admin's Channel chooses to widely share the group link. In addition, any new member of the Channels can see the message history of the chat when they join.  Viber has a channel for users from Georgia. It is in Georgian. It's named Viber საქართველო. It contains global news about Viber functions, local Lenses, sticker packs, fun posts, etc - all that can be useful for Viber users in every country.


Picture - Viber channel “Viber საქართველო” for users from Georgia


  1. Chatbots 


Viber is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world. Businesses use it to engage with their customers and help them. By adding a bot, this platform could be made even more powerful and customer-friendly. This is exactly how a Viber chatbot works. It combines the features of Viber and technologies together to ensure the automation of customer service tasks. Thanks to the Viber Chatbot, a business can improve customer engagement drastically and stay available round the clock for its audience. A Viber Chat Bot not only helps in customer service but can also prove beneficial in other aspects be it marketing, sales, or conversion. 


There are also special bots for users from Georgia on Viber. For instance, Viber Quiz bot contains an entertaining quiz with different questions which can help people have a good time.


Picture - Viber Quiz bot for users from Georgia


There are different global bots that can be also relevant for people from Georgia. For instance, it's MGames bot. It's an opportunity to see the world of hyper-casual games on Viber and enjoy free time with fun games, compete with friends in a private lobby and win rewards by topping the leaderboard.


  1. Viber Lenses


Lenses are the perfect way to spice up your chats, with exciting photos, videos, and even GIFs – something that can only be done on Viber. With each lens, you’ll experience something unique. Currently, Viber has four different kinds of lenses for you to play with: Instant Augmented Reality (AR) lenses overlay images on top of surroundings, Attention-Grabbing Filters add a creative layer to your visuals, Expressive Masks accurately follow your facial movements, and Beautification Features enhance your images with touches like lipstick, blush, and a variety of hair colors.


Picture - Viber Lenses examples


  1. Video and audio calls


Viber at its core is a messaging app that allows you to call whoever is connected to it. The messaging app Viber offers a video and audio call function, which allows you to make calls on the app easily. To do this, you need to have a device with Viber on it and an Internet connection, and a whole world of conversations waiting for you. You can call a friend, colleague, or relative using any device on which Viber is installed. Viber calls are not limited in time and are available to 40 of people at the same time.


Picture - An example of how Viber video calls look like


  1. Viber Out


This is one of the features of the Viber service that distinguishes this messenger from other popular platforms. You can make International Calls to Anyone With Viber Out, you can reach people all over the world, even if they don't have Viber.  The service is called Viber Out and is provided on a paid basis. To make calls on Viber Out, you will need to purchase either a plan or credit. 

  1. My notes


My Notes is a dedicated chat space just for you. Best part? Notes will automatically sync across all your devices. Forward any message to yourself to save it, write yourself notes, check off tasks when you complete them and set reminders all in one place. You can only have one notes chat. Notes work like any other chat on Viber. You can:

  • Edit notes (even if they’re from another chat)
  • Keep photos, GIFs, stickers, videos, and voice notes
  • Upload files
  • Forward messages* to and from the notes chat
  • Pin a note to the top of the chat
  • Set tasks for yourself and mark when they are done


  1. Translator inside messages


You can translate any message you receive inside a Viber chat into your own language. Or any other dozen languages you prefer. All you need to do is long tap on the message, choose translate, and instantly the translation will appear right below the original message. Messages will automatically translate into the language your Viber app is set to. If you want to see the message in another language, you can easily change it from the message. 


  1. Disappearing messages


Viber is giving its users the ability to select which conversations, photos and videos stay in the archive and which to be deleted from the recipient's phone. Make your conversations more meaningful by choosing what stays and what goes. Disappearing messages give you the ability to decide and choose the time in which the message will disappear from the recipient after he reads it (10 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, etc). The feature is available in private and group chats.


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