Posted: 9 months ago

Georgia Completes First Part of EU Membership Questionnaire

The government of Georgia completed the first part of the EU membership questionnaire, the first section of which inquires about economical and political issues.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilia Darchiashvili, the first part of the questionnaire will be sent to the European Commission on May 2nd, Monday. 

As for the second part, he declared that the deadline for submitting the document is May 13. 

"The last part is more technical and specific. The document contains about 2300 questions. All government agencies and subdivisions already started working on it. The deadline for sharing this document with our European partners is May 13. We will try our best so that we can finish it soon and then share it with our European partners.", the minister noted.

He also mentioned that the second part of the questionnaire will also be published.