Georgian Wine Participates at the Stockholm Exhibition

One of the largest wine and food exhibition, “Stockholm Food and Wine 2019”, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, with 12 Georgian wine producers participating with the support of the National Wine Agency.

Number of Exported Wines Increased by 20% Compared to Last Year

According to the data of January-October 2019, 75,6 million bottles (0.75 liters) of wine have been exported to 53 countries around the world, which is 11% higher than the same period in 2018.

VVINE – Online Wine-making as 2.0 Version of Vineyard

Bacho Khachidze and his friend, Ilia Datunashvili came up with this idea in Kakheti, during Rtveli, which they conveyed in one sentence:

Wine Village to be Built in Kvareli

A new platform for wine-loving businessmen has emerged in the market, a tourist-active zone - the Wine Village.

22 Georgian Wine Producers Participated in the International Wine Exhibition in Warsaw

22 Polish wine producers participated in the international exhibition Ferment (Warsaw Wine Experience 2019) in the Polish capital Warsaw.

Georgian Qvevri Wines Presented at RAW Wine International Exhibition New York

Qvevri wine producers are participating in the RAW Wine International Exhibition of Natural Wines in New York, USA.

Qvevri Wine Producers Participate in The Artisan Wine Fair

Qvevri wine producers are participating in the International Exhibition of Natural Wines in New York, USA.

Wine Market is Regulated by Demand and Nobody can Affect the Price

Nutsa Abramishvili, the Director General of Schuchmann Wines, says the demand for Rkatsiteli is regulated by market demand and supply, and in this case the Government cannot control all wine cellars. 

Control on Bulk Wines Must Start with Licensing of Wine Sales Outlets

Telavi Wine Cellar director Zura Ramazashvili says that wine adulteration is an essential challenge, and the control on bulk wines must start with licensing of wine sales outlets, he said.