Posted: 3 years ago

Georgia is Among Top 20 Wine Exporting Countries in the World

Georgia is one of the top 20 wine exporters in the world.

This is stated in the statistics published by the American Wine Association (AAWE). According to these data, in 2019, Georgia ranked 16th among wine exporting countries. In particular, last year wine worth of $222 million was exported from Georgia.

Georgia is also a leader in the share of wine exports in total exports, accounting for 5.9%. This is the highest rate among wine exporters and thus surpasses countries such as France, Italy, Spain.

According to AAWE, France exported the largest volume of wine in 2019 - worth $10 billion, followed by Italy with $7.2 billion,Spain - $3 billion, Australia - $2.053 billion and Chile in fifth place with $ 1.929 billion.

According to AAWE, the top countries are: USA, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Great Britain, South Africa, Argentina, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium.