The Amount of Exported Wine Increased by 6% and the Price by 9%

In the first half of 2019, 40,5 mil. bottles (0,75l) of wine has been exported to 44 countries worldwide, that is 6% higher than the similar data of 2018. Exported wine income amounted to 98mil.USD, that is 9% higher than the data of 2018.

Value of Georgian Exported Wine Exceeds 98 Million USD

In the first half of 2019, Georgia exported 40 million mln bottles (0.75 l) of wine to the world's 44 countries which is 6% more than in the same period of  2018.

Georgian Wines Presented in the US Cities

Presentation of Georgian wine was held in New York, Chicago and Boston.

AAWE: Georgian Wine Exports Diversified after Embargo

The American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE) has published a report on Georgian wine exports. According to AAWE, the 2006 Russian embargo inspired Georgian winemakers to seek new exports markets.

National Wine Agency of Georgia: Quality control of Georgian wine is one of our main priorities

In parallel with the growth of wine export, Georgian side pays particular importance to the preservation and improvement of Georgian wine quality.

Italian Wine Festival to Take Place in Georgia

The Italian Wine Festival this year will open the first event in Tbilisi, in the capital of beautiful Georgia, a land of wine, centuries-old traditions and wonderful people who make the wine their very own existence. The event will be held on June 28-29.

Japanese Master of Wine Kenichi Ohashi Visited Georgia with Japanese Wine Improters

As Japanese Wine Master, Kenichi Ohashi mentioned on the degustation, the quality of Georgian Wine is improved compared to last years.

Georgian Shilda Winery Announced Winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Award for EaP

The European Union has announced the winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Award for the Eastern partnership at the Awards Ceremony in Brussels on 18 June.

Kenichi Ohashi: The Quality of Georgian Wine has Absolutely Increased

The quality level of Georgian wine is higher compared to the previous years. The only master of wine in Japan, Kenichi Ohashi, talked about it after the Georgian wine tasting held in Tbilisi.