Bolnisi Old Cellar to Sell Wine in England

Bolnisi Old Cellar will sell wine in England. Export talks have already begun and test samples have been sent.

Georgian Wine and Exports Markets

Based on the statistics of the last few years, Georgian wine exports are declining. The

KTW to Arrange Vineyards on Unprecedented Space in Gurjaani

Gurjaani AGRO, an affiliated company of KTW Group, plans to arrange new vineyards on the unprecedented space.

Updates and Predictions on Georgian Alcoholic Beverages by TBC Research

Wine production is gaining momentum in Georgia, underpinned by the growing harvest and demand from international markets.

Guramishvili’s Marani Wine Wins Golden Medal at Sakura Awards in Japan

The Guramishvili’s Marani Grand Reserve Brut 2015, the Sparkling Wine by Guramishvili’s Marani company has won a golden medal at Sakura Awards in Japan.

Wine Exports hits Highest Number in the History of Georgia

In 2019, 94 million bottles (0.75 L) of wine were exported to 53 countries from Georgia. 

Georgian Vault Wines Introduced Winemaking Asset Management Program in Davos

Georgian startup Vault Wines has presented a wine authentication and winemaking asset management program within the Davos World Economic Forum.

Guinness World Records Reports Oldest Wine was Made in Georgia

Chemical evidence of wine, dating back to 6000–5800 BC (the early Neolithic period), was obtained from residues of ancient pottery excavated in the archeological sites.

Japan Airlines Introduces Georgian Wine at First Class Lounge

A premium Georgian qvevri wine has been introduced at Japan Airlines First Class Lounge.